Ozremovals was purchased by Who Goes Where in 2008, for the purpose of incorporating it with our already established Who Goes Where? Furniture Removalist Directory. After purchasing the web site, making several changes to it and introducing our clients from the Furniture Removals Industry to it, www.ozremovals.com.au started to become quite big. Due to the fact that the web site is easy to use, easily accessible and most of all free, book sales dropped, and we decided to spend all our time and effort into making sure Ozremovals became the number one web site for Furniture Removals.

Today after several rebuilds, and much SEO work, Ozremovals is the most used furniture removals web site in the country. Ozremovals makes finding a removalist or removals company easy, and saves you large amounts of time, money and hassle.

About Who Goes Where?

Who Goes Where?" originally began as "Planet Publications" in the mid 1970s producing various publications for the Tourism Industry, the Building Industry Motor Racing organisations, etc, within Australia. Our involvement with the Transport Industry began with the publication of the first edition of the South Australian Freight Transport Directory called "Who Goes Where?" in 1979 and it has been updated annually ever since.

The company later branched out into other areas by producing the first Victorian Freight Transport Directory in 1983, New South Wales in 1986, Western Australia in 1998, Queensland in 2002 and the Australian Furniture Removalists Guide in 2006.

We changed our trading name to "Who Goes Where?" in 2002 and renamed all of the Directories accordingly.

WHO GOES WHERE? At Your Service

"Who Goes Where?" is a small Adelaide-based company with a loyal and dedicated staff of nine full-time employees.