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With the hardest step ticked off your “to do” list, below are a few more things to remember to do when you are moving.

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Check List:

1. Connect your electricity
The most obvious is often the easiest to forget. Connecting your electricity should be your first port of call. There are few things worse than arriving at your new premises and realising you have no power. It is usually a good idea to do this at least two weeks in advance, as your new home may require a technician to actually attend the premises. The good news is that nowadays, most energy companies have web based forms, so you can simply put in your new address details and sign up a new plan without so much as a phone call.

2. Connect your internet
You only realise how much you depend the internet when you don’t have it. As with your power, it’s always a good idea to give plenty of notice to your Internet Service Provider. Unlike connecting power, however, provisioning an Internet Service varies depending on the infrastructure available in the area. Older areas often have “black spots” which prevent certain types of internet from being used. A solution can usually be found, but it is best to give a minimum of 3 weeks notice, so that any potential issues can be ironed out well in advanced.

3. Organise house & contents insurance
It is a good idea to arrange this a week or so in advance with a “Crossover Date”. For example, if your first night in your new home is a Wednesday, schedule your new policy to begin on the Wednesday and schedule the cancellation of your old policy for the Thursday or Friday. This way you have a grace period should any unforeseen circumstances arise.

4. Occupy the Kids!
Young children and pets no, no matter how well behaved, are very likely to get under your feet on moving day and draw out the process. If possible, perhaps organise a day long play-date for your kids at one of their friend's houses, leave them with a close friend/relative or even invest in a babysitter for the day. It will be one less thing for you to worry about on the day, and your kids will have a good day out and return to a more relaxed environment. If possible, send your pets (dogs/cat/rabbits etc.) along with them.

5. Update friends/relative with your new contact information
In the era of mobile phones and social media, this is one task that has become a breeze! Simply compose one generic message and send a bulk/group message to the people you want to notify via phone/email/Facebook messenger. Job Done! Just make sure you don’t forget to call those couple of less tech savvy friends/relatives!

6. Bring a Toolbox
Allen keys are your friend! It is very useful to bring a small box containing any tools which you may need to reassemble your furniture, containers with any screws/connectors required, scissors, screwdrivers, masking tape, clothes etc. Having a well-organised toolkit will save you time and frustration.

7. Have your previous premises professionally cleaned
Speaking from personal experience, if there is one job that you should outsource during your move, make it this one. I really can’t stress this enough! Whether you are ending a lease or selling your home, it will be expected that your previous residence will be left in immaculate order, just as you will expect the new home to be. Professional cleaners know what to look for and know what is expected. If possible, get two or three quotes several weeks in advance and review testimonials on company websites. This way you can see who will offer you the best value for money. It’s absolutely worth the expense in knowing that you are leaving the previous house as clean as you found it and there will be no lingering issues with agents or new owners after moving day.

8. Pack a “Basics Box” for moving day
The “Basics box” should contain the bare necessities required for you to spend the first night in your new home in relative comfort. Things like toiletries, change of clothes, basic linens and even simple conveniences such as tea or coffee can mean the difference between you having a relaxing evening and rummaging through boxes trying to find toilet paper at 3am!

9. Change your address with businesses and government bodies
It is of particular importance to notify the following companies/bodies;

• Car insurance company - This is very important, as your premiums change depending on your suburb, how your car is garaged etc.
• Vehicle Registration Provider (eg. VicRoads, Transport SA)
• Your Bank/Financial Institutions
• Electoral Commission
• Superannuation funds

OzRemovals will update this page with Moving Tips & Handy hits as time goes on, or if you have any handy hints you think would make a good addition, please let us know via our contact page If you are currently looking to move house and need a removalist, please feel free to fill out our handy and simple to use quote form here and receive free quotes direct from relevant removalists!